Astra’s mission is to Improve Life on Earth from Space™ by creating a healthier and more connected planet.

For almost five years, we’ve been building a space company unlike any other. Thanks to the help of our amazingly talented team of engineers, designers, fabricators and operators, Astra is the fastest privately-funded company in history to reach space. With over 50 launches under contract, we will begin delivering customer payloads into low Earth orbit in summer 2021.



Our customers enable and support real change in people’s lives every day.

Astra Planet


Astra’s first earth science mission

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“Astra is positioned to help us rapidly put up satellites to deliver ever more relevant data to our customers.”

Will Marshall CEO,

Astra Milestones


November 2021

Launch Vehicle 0007 Reaches Orbit

LV0007 reaches orbit, making Astra the first rocket company to reach orbit in less than 5 years. Astra’s launch system successfully demonstrated the orbital placement of a test payload to an inclination of 86 degrees at an altitude of 500 km.

July 2021

Astra Goes Public

Astra begins trading as ASTR on NASDAQ.

June 2021

Acquired Apollo Fusion

Astra acquired Apollo Fusion, the leading electric space-propulsion company, to reach new destinations in space.


December 2020

Launched Rocket 3.2

Launched Rocket 3.2, which made it to space and demonstrated orbital capability

September 2020

Launched Rocket 3.1

Completed our first orbital launch demonstration with Rocket 3.1 and gained valuable flight data.

March 2020

Competed in the DARPA Launch Challenge

As the last remaining finalist for the DARPA Launch Challenge, we completed build of our first Rocket 3 variant and activated our Kodiak, Alaska launch site.


October 2019

Built Kodiak Spaceport

Completed construction of our first dedicated Astra Spaceport at the Pacific Spaceport Complex in Kodiak, Alaska. 

July 2019

Built Rocket Factory

Completed first phase of expansion at our 15 acre campus in Alameda, California with our new 250,000 square foot headquarters and rocket factory

March 2019

Selected as Finalist in DARPA Launch Challenge

While still in stealth mode, we were selected as one of three finalists out of over 60 space companies to compete in the DARPA Launch Challenge.


November 2018

Launched Rocket 2.0

Rocket 2.0 was launched successfully from Kodiak, Alaska.  Though the flight was shorter than planned, we incorporated many learnings into Rocket 3.0.

July 2018

Launched Rocket 1.0

Rocket 1.0 was launched successfully from Kodiak, Alaska.


January 2017

Built Rocket Test Facility

Built Rocket Development and Test Facility in Alameda, California by renovating a former jet engine test facility at the former Alameda Naval Air Station.


October 2016

Incorporated Company

Astra was incorporated in Delaware. Chris Kemp and Adam London teamed up and hired Adam’s team as founding engineers, and set out on a mission to provide daily access to space.