Rocket 1 of 3, Launch Attempt 1

Today, Astra began countdown of the first orbital launch as the final remaining competitor in the DARPA launch challenge. Our team decided to hold the launch at T-53 seconds after a sensor reported unexpected data that could have impacted the success of the flight. Out of…

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Defining Launch Success

  Today, we are kicking off a campaign of three launches. Our latest rocket will launch from Alaska’s Kodiak Island in a bid to win the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s (DARPA) Launch Challenge. The winning company must successfully deliver a payload into low-Earth orbit on short notice—then be prepared…

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Astra Rocket Production Facility

Welcome to Astra

Introducing Astra – and a New Era of Innovation in Space By Chris Kemp, Co-Founder and CEO, and Adam London, Co-Founder and CTO For the past three years, we’ve been quietly assembling a team unlike any other, building a space company unlike any other and…

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