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Photo :: Brady Kenniston | Astra

Launch Window

November 18, 2021 to November 19, 2021

Launch Site

Pad LP-3B, Pacific Spaceport Complex-Alaska; Kodiak, Alaska

Target Orbit

Inclination: 86 degrees
Altitude: 500 kilometers


This mission includes a non-deployable Space Force payload.

Mission Overview and Objective

Space Force contracted this launch through the Defense Innovation Unit’s Other Transaction Agreement with Astra. Space Force will be launching a test payload for the Space Test Program. You can read more at

Mission Timeline
(all times are approximate)

+0s Lift-off
+6s Begin Pitch Over
+1min 10s Max-Q
+2min 50s Main Engine Cut-off (MECO)
+2min 55s Fairing separation
+3min 00s Stage separation
+3min 05s Aether ignition
+8min 30s Second Engine Cut-Off (SECO)
+8min 40s Payload Deployment Signal

About Rocket 3.3

Astra has developed the world’s most responsive and affordable orbital launch system. Rocket 3.3 is an expendable, vertically-launched two stage LOX/kerosene rocket, designed to fit inside a standard shipping container and built to dramatically lower the cost of access to space. Eschewing labor-intensive processes such as carbon composite layups, Astra has focused on proven and cost-efficient metallic structures.

Rocket 3.3 consists of a first stage powered by five electric-pump-fed engines and an upper stage propelled by a single pressure-fed Aether engine.



First Stage Upper Stage
Engines Delphin Aether
Engine Qty 5 1
Thrust per Engine 6,500 lbf SL 740 lbf vacuum
Total Thrust 32,500 lbf SL 740 lbf vacuum
Propellant LOX / Kerosene LOX / Kerosene
Overall Length 43 feet
Diameter 52 inches

Photos + Videos from Launch

Photos + videos from launch available here.
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