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Space has always captivated us because it represents a frontier that is just out of reach and a future yet to be written. When I served as Chief Technology Officer at NASA, I was part of a team of extraordinary innovators who believed that space would soon become a tangible, useful part of our everyday lives. We created Astra to build on that vision and make space the next frontier for human innovation.

Today we couldn’t be more excited to announce the next step in our journey. Astra will soon be a Nasdaq-traded company.

We are coming to market in an extraordinarily strong financial position. We have raised more than $500 million from private investors, and we already have more than 50 launches on our manifest. In just the past year, we started producing and launching rockets and activated our first spaceport in Kodiak, Alaska. We carried out our first orbital launch attempt with Rocket 3.1 in September, and three months later we became the fastest privately funded company in U.S. history to reach space and demonstrate a launch system capable of deploying satellites into low Earth orbit.

We’re just getting started. This summer, we’ll deliver our first commercial payload, followed by beginning monthly launches later this year, and over the next 2-3 years we will dramatically increase our launch schedule with a goal of daily launches by 2025.

But this isn’t about the next 2-3 years, it’s about the next 100 years. Starting by making it faster, easier, and less capital-intensive to send payloads into space, we’re building a platform of space services that will catalyze a wave of innovation that will benefit our planet in ways unimaginable today.

This is the journey of a lifetime, and we couldn’t be more excited for what comes next.

Chris Kemp

Chris Kemp
Founder, Chairman, and CEO