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Ready to Launch!

Astra’s mission is to launch a new generation of space services to improve life on earth, and we’re accomplishing this by making space more accessible through affordable, regular launches.

Only three months since our last test launch, we’re back on the pad ready for our next launch with a new and improved version of our rocket — an incredible achievement for our industry.

As with our first launch attempt, the primary objective for Rocket 3.2 is to take another step towards reaching orbit by learning and accomplishing more than we did before; more progress gets us closer to reaching orbit on our next launch.

Launch details

Rocket 3.2 will launch from Astra’s Kodiak Spaceport: pad LP-3B at Pacific Spaceport Complex – Alaska (PSCA) on Kodiak Island during a launch window from December 11-18, 11:00 am – 2:00 pm Pacific Time (PT) each day. We are proud to partner with the team at PSCA and are grateful for their support.

Since this is a demonstration mission, Rocket 3.2 will not have a payload. However, if Rocket 3.2 were to achieve orbit, the vehicle will send a signal that indicates when the payload would have been deployed.

How to follow along

It’s critical during this time of COVID-19 that we keep a lean and socially-distanced team on the ground at Kodiak, therefore, we will not be able to offer a public live stream. Instead, we’ll be live-tweeting updates from @Astra and aim to release launch footage shortly after. Thank you to our fans and customers for your support and dedication to our mission.