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We’re happy to share the news that NASA has chosen Astra to help carry out a mission that beautifully reflects our vision of improving life on Earth from space. Under a newly-awarded contract as part of the agency’s Tropics program, Astra will launch six NASA satellites into orbit that will enhance the world’s understanding of some of our deadliest storms – and help our planet build a long-term plan for resilience and sustainability.

Astra will carry out three launches in 2022 to deliver NASA CubeSat satellites that will allow scientists to better measure the temperature, pressure and humidity of hurricanes. This project is especially near and dear to me. Following the five years I spent at NASA working alongside some of the most creative and visionary people I’ve ever met, this is a chance to team up once again. I know firsthand how much hard work and world-class expertise goes into NASA technology, and am proud the agency is putting its trust in Astra’s launch capabilities to deliver its satellites into orbit.

Tropics is a critical mission at a critical time in our world, as hurricane seasons grow more devastating and deadlier almost every year. NASA data shows 2020 was the fifth consecutive year with above-average hurricane activity, with 30 named storms. An improved understanding of hurricanes could very well help scientists determine how climate change is contributing to these patterns and encourage the world to take action to prevent them.

We’re honored to be joining NASA on this mission.

Chris Kemp

Chris Kemp
Founder, Chairman, and CEO