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Greco to leverage over two decades of experience engineering state-of-the-art vehicles to advance rocket production

ALAMEDA, California – March 16. Astra today announced that Giovanni Greco joined the company as Vice President of Vehicle Engineering. Greco comes from Blue Origin, where he served as Senior Technical Director of the New Shepard program.

“I’ve spent my career working on all kinds of vehicles, and am excited to apply this experience at Astra to build a new generation of space services,” said Greco. “I’ll be joining a world-class team of engineers whose work will help unlock the countless benefits of connecting our planet through space.”

Greco led the Blue Origin team responsible for the design and production of the New Shepard launch vehicle and crew capsule. He also brings his experience in the automotive and maritime industries, giving him an extensive background in producing vehicles at scale, and performance testing that will help Astra reach daily launch by 2025.

“Gio’s experience in leading design teams that have produced reliable, repeatable launches will be instrumental to Astra as we scale up to meet customer demand,” said Benjamin Lyon, Chief Engineer at Astra. “I look forward to having his technical skill and proven leadership on the Astra team for this next phase of our growth.

About Astra

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