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Four years ago, Adam London and I quietly founded Astra with the bold mission to improve life on Earth from space.

Our vision for a healthier and more connected planet has inspired the most talented team ever assembled to build a rocket that reached space twice as fast as any company in history, at a fraction of the cost.

We now have the resources to execute our plan to build a 100-year company.

Our upcoming launch this summer will be the first to carry a commercial payload.

We will begin monthly launches this year as we scale to daily launches by 2025.

Astra will be the first company bridge the space and technology industries by launching the first Space Services Constellation, and opening new Astra spaceports across the world.

I’d like to thank my co-founder Dr. Adam London, my CFO Kelyn Brannon and the rest of my management team and all of the talented members of our team at Astra. All of the investors and partners that have supported us, and NASA, Planet, and all of the customers that have trusted us with our next 50 launches. Finally, Thank you Katherine, my Family, and the families of all of our employees that have supported all of us.

When we ring this bell, Astra will become the first spacetech company on Nasdaq.

Let’s go “Make space for Everyone”!