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By Chris Kemp —

We are thrilled to be working with Planet Labs on a multi-launch mission in 2022. This is a milestone for both of our companies, and creates an important inflection point as we begin delivering launch services to our customers that are creating a healthier and more connected planet.

Planet’s mission is to image the world every day to make global change visible, accessible and actionable. This has huge implications across the global economy, such as powering efficient agriculture that can feed more people more affordably and helping the forestry industry fine-tune sustainable practices. This is the kind of real change in people’s lives that companies like Planet are enabling and supporting every day.

My relationship with Planet goes back to Astra’s founding, when I joined the Planet team as an advisor in 2013. Two rockets carrying Planet missions exploded, destroying a total of 34 satellites. After experiencing the frustration and inefficiency first-hand, I recognized that many companies needed better infrastructure services. This was part of the inspiration that led Adam London and me to found Astra and provide a more reliable, affordable, and efficient way to get to space.

I’m especially excited about how we are building toward this space platform. Our launch services have the ability to deliver payloads of up to 500 kg to 500 km. Our vertically integrated rocket means we are able to rapidly iterate to produce our parts on-site and decrease costs, translating to lower prices for both the enterprises and entrepreneurs who are harnessing the $1 trillion economic opportunity to build in space.

Working with the team at Planet marks the next important step in expanding and accelerating access to space.