Launch Photo 1

We have liftoff!

At 8:19pm PT, Rocket 3.1 left the Alaskan coast at Astra’s Kodiak launch site. We're excited to have our first orbital attempt under our belt! As we’ve always said, we expect it to take three flights to make it to orbit. Tonight, we saw a…

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Rocket 3.1 and Astra’s path to orbit

Astra is on a mission to launch a new generation of space services to observe, connect and improve life on earth. Despite damage to our launch system this spring, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and even an earthquake off the coast of Kodiak, Alaska, our team…

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Rocket 1 of 3, Launch Attempt 1

Today, Astra began countdown of the first orbital launch as the final remaining competitor in the DARPA launch challenge. Our team decided to hold the launch at T-53 seconds after a sensor reported unexpected data that could have impacted the success of the flight. Out of…

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Defining Launch Success

  Today, we are kicking off a campaign of three launches. Our latest rocket will launch from Alaska’s Kodiak Island in a bid to win the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s (DARPA) Launch Challenge. The winning company must successfully deliver a payload into low-Earth orbit on short notice—then be prepared…

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Astra Rocket Production Facility

Welcome to Astra

Introducing Astra – and a New Era of Innovation in Space By Chris Kemp, Co-Founder and CEO, and Adam London, Co-Founder and CTO For the past three years, we’ve been quietly assembling a team unlike any other, building a space company unlike any other and…

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